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Russian Technologies and Nanostructural Materials in High Specific Power Systems

The development of energy systems based on high specific power hydrogen–air fuel cells using domestic nanostructured materials and technologies is an urgent task. The technologies used for manufacturing proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM FC) by the Russian company BMPower using Pt/C-electrocatalysts of the PM series produced by another Russian company, Prometheus R&D, are presented. It has been shown that, in terms of their functional characteristics, catalysts of the PM series are superior to imported analogues. The use of the PM40 catalyst, as well as other innovative solutions in the field of nanotechnology (nanostructured coatings of bipolar plates, formation of an ionomer on the catalytic layer) makes it possible to achieve a specific power of more than 1 kW/kg in the PEM FC power module with air cooling.

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