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  • Innovative enterprise of Prometheus RD was created at the end of 2017. The establishment of the company was preceded by 10 years of research experience in the field of electrocatalysts for low-temperature fuel cells.

  • The main objective of the company is the commercial production of platinum carbon electrocatalysts for electrolyzers and low-temperature fuel cells with a polymer membrane - an important component of the rapidly developing hydrogen energy. The electrocatalyst is one of the main components of the Membrane Electrode Assemblies of fuel cells, which determines their power characteristics and, in many ways, determines the service life. Low-temperature fuel cells are most widely used in the production of a new generation of vehicles (cars, trains, ships, etc.), are in demand in Russia and in the world as the main source of energy for unmanned aerial vehicles, promising for use in various areas of civil and special purposes.

  • According to the official Test Acts of the two leading Russian manufacturers of Fuel Cells and a special laboratory of the Institute of Chemical Physics Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the electrocatalysts we produce are not inferior to or superior in their functional characteristics to electrocatalysts of the leading world manufacturers. Successful tests of electrocatalysts in a hydrogen-air fuel cell in an active unmanned aerial vehicle have been carried out. The flexible pricing policy of PROMETEY RD allows you to compete with world analogues.

  • Our patented technology is the base of the electrocatalysts production. The intellectual property of an enterprise is protected by patents: Method of Obtaining Bimetallic Catalysts with Gradient Structure Based on Platinum (Patent Ru No 2677283 dated January 16, 2019); Method of Obtaining Catalysts with Nanoscale Particles of Platinum And Its Alloys With Metals (proposal for invention dated by December 13, 2018), as well as by means production technologies in know-how mode.

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